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Size 11/0 2-Cut Hex Seed Beads- #1497 Colorado Topaz Satin (Tint)

Approx. 4000 Beads Per Hank

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  • 1 Hank- Approx. 4000 Beads Per Hank

    - Quantity: ~ 4000 Beads
    - Length When Strung: ~ 20 Feet
    - Packaging: 12 Strand Hank
    - Size 11/0 : ~ 1.8mm-2mm
    - Hole Size: ~ .7mm

    Size 11/0 2-cut beads are a hex cut, tube shape bead. The hex cut makes the colors shimmer and sparkle. Best used with size 12 beading needles and 4lb or 6lb fire line. Softer Nymo thread can be used to create fringe earrings that will not be pulled our tugged. The edges of size 11/0 2-cut beads can be sharp. Make sure to pull your thread straight through the bead and not at an angle to avoid cutting your thread. 

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